The Shallows 2016 HD-TS READNFO x264 – CPG – 1.2 GB



The Shallows 2016 HD-TS READNFO x264-CPG


got 1080p SPA HDCAM, its a good cam no movements, full screen, dark scenes are
 fine and day scenes are more the fine.

crop, resize, stable the colors, rgb, sharp, smooth etc... and synced our 
digital audio to finish encode, kept MP3 and no cinavia.... hmmmmm

No FPS issue on this fine.. pretty smooth all the way.

movie is good unlike independence day 2 shit...
2 Samples included.

its a full movie and BUT No END Credits, post credits are completely  removed.
 thatsway runtime does not match with imdb given runtime and its because i went
 with my girlfriend that i recently impressed and you know girls talk lot of 
shit while watching a movie and she was talking n talking,  and in her mind i
 was listening to her shit like straight ass dummy boyfriend but Actually i
 was busy camming, and right before the end credits she finds out that instead 
of listening to her crap i was busy camming, She smack the shit out of me and
 broke my camera, luckily i was able to save the memory card So
, here we are with another Summer Exclusive. 😀

ENjoy The Fine CPG release. and don't laugh at my pain!!!

P/S: No WATERMARKS........

Video: x264 2000kbps 2Pass-HQ
Resolution: 720x320 30fps
Audio: MP3 2.0 Digital Audio
Language: English
Subtitles: Hardcoded English Subtitles for foreign parts Only
Source: V:1080pSPA and A: Own!
Encoder: CPG



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Jun 29, 2016 - Posted by Dev D -

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