Bajirao Mastani (2015) BD Rip – HEVC – 720p – x265 AC3 (5.1 Ch) Esubs – 2.5GB [DDR]



Bajirao Mastani (2015) BD Rip – HEVC – 720p – x265 AC3 (5.1 Ch) Esubs – 2.5GB [DDR]


When the old Peshwa dies, his son Bajirao (Ranveer Singh) is appointed Peshwa
 at an young age, but not before he has to pass a difficult test. In the next 
10 years, he expands the empire of the Marathas like none before him. While 
doing so he comes to Bundelkhand, where the Rajput king is beseiged by Mohammad 
Bangash. The King's daughter Mastani (Deepika Padukone) by his persian wife 
dramatically reaches Bajirao's tent and appeals for help. 

As the Maratha/Rajput combine defeat Bangash, the Peshwa is persuaded to stay 
on for a few days.

Bajirao & Mastani bedome close, and when Bajirao leaves he gives Mastani his 
dagger. This to the Rajputs is a token of a marriage and Mastani decides to
 follow Bajirao to Pune, even though she knows that he is already maried to
 Kashibai (Priyanka Chopra). 

In Pune, Mastani is not accepted by anyone (including Bajirao's mother Radhabai 
- Tanvi Azmi) and is forced to live with courtesans until Bajirao builds her a 
new house. The warrior Bajirao is helpless when faced with court intrigues, but 
accepts her as his second wife.

The court intrigues continue even when Bajirao is in the Deccan fighting the 
Nizam. Kashibai and Mastani both give birth to a son (Kashibai's second). 
mastani's son is not accepted by the Brahmin Hindu priests and Bajirao is 
forced to changed his name to Shumsher bahadur. His elder son, Balaji baji Rao 
(aka Nana Saheb) also joins in the intrigue against Mastani.

Kashibai saves Mastani from a plot to kill her by divulging it to Bajirao, 
but it does not end there. When Bajirao goes south for another series of battles
 with the Nizam (now the son of his old enemy), mastani and her son is imprisoned 
by Radhabai and Nana Saheb. the elder Baji Rao is critically injured in battle 
and despite Kashibai's pleading, Nanasahebrefuses to allow Mastani to go to
 Bajirao. As Bajirao breathes his last, so does Mastani. The blighted lovers 
reunite in death.


If it is a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, you can expect lavish sets, enchanting 
cinematography and enthralling music to bewitch you. No matter, as the film 
credits themselves acknowledge, if the hitorical veracity of the events is 
somewhat adjusted to suit the films requirements. In case of Bajirao Mastani,
 the bonus is a powerful acting by all three protagonists, Ranveer Singh, 
Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra. My pick is Priyanka, who portrays a 
nuanced role of a loving yet wronged wife beautifully. It is a multi-dimensional 
role that comes out beautifully on screen. Deepika looks luminously beautiful 
and does very well too, but the Surprise package is Ranveer Singh as Bajirao -
 he plays the role of a brave warrior and a helpless husband torn between two 
women, with considerable conviction.

Add the superb photography by Sudeep Chatterjee, some beautiful songs, 
particularly well sung by Shreya ghoshal and fine sound mixing and a screenlpaly 
heavily biased towards romance, and sanjay Leela Bhansali comes up with a winner.
 And winner it was, notching up record slaes.

And despite the fine Blu-ray and the enhancements we have done, this is a
 film to be watched on the big screen if only for the panoramic scenes.

Uploader's Notes: 

One of the best Blu-rays in production quality to come out in recent years, 
this was a pleasure to rip. We have done very little - just enhanced details a 
bit and reduced the yellow tones to bring out natural colours. 

The 10-bit compressibility and the magic of x265, allowed us to compress the 
video to just 2.53 GB (with audio) and yet maintain full quality. This 720p 
version has the original 6 Channel AC3 audio track from the BD-disk. The 
use of 10-bit encoding has reduced banding and overall has a very pleasing

Please note that this rip (and all HEVC rips) will not play on most stand-alone
 devices. You can only watch this on a computer or a compatible device. 
On your computer be sure that you have the latest versions of VLC (2.1.5 or higher) 
or Media Player Classic (Ver 1.7.9) or SMPlayer (14.9.0). 
Earlier versions may not work

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